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NOURISH - Simrun Chopra
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NOURISH - Simrun Chopra
for 3 months


Regular price Rs. 14,160.00
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12 weeks with daily chat support from your dedicated nutritionist.

Work on your health and boost your immunity at home with wholesome honest food. 

  • Fuss Free Individualised Diets built with my methodology for your goals to fit your lifestyle 
  • Choose your workout level from our workout plans ( beginner, intermediate, advanced) 

Prices listed are for the full program duration including taxes (GST) and NOT per month. 

What we offer:

  • Age and gender inclusive plans tailored to your specific lifestyle goals & health issues
  • Exclusive bridal diets for weight loss, glowing skin & better hair
  • The program food plans are nutritious and focus on food quality required for better health.  We focus on High Quality Nutrition based plans focussing on health and immunity. We do not support fads, trends, fixed menus, specific calorie counting or quick fix methods.  


What will you get:

  • Start with an in-depth telephonic consultation with a Nourish nutritionist to understand your history, habits, requirements and goals. Based on our conversation, we develop a fully personalised diet plan for you. 
  • A dedicated nutritionist is assigned to you for the whole duration of the program
  • We are here for you throughout the 3-month program through daily WhatsApp support and guidance. We answer your queries and make recommendations or changes as and when you require
  • 30 minute workouts : Do you own workouts or add one from our programs complimentary. Workouts can be included from any of our programs( beginner, intermediate, advanced)  based on your level of fitness and after discussions with your nutritionist. The workouts are not customised. We will also define activity levels to provide an all round approach. If you have injuries or issues we will refer out to rehabilitation specialists or recommend you work with a doctor for your issue. 
  • All program workouts will be available for access on one convenient online platform. This ensures everything is conveniently accessible and easy to find. You will have one additional month access after your program finishes. 
  • You define the goals. We help you get there with our methodologies. The program uses my methodology and we do not do fad diets, keto, restrictive menu plans or any trends. 
  • We create plans to tell you how much of what to eat in specific break ups to suit you. We give you a diet plan not a menu. 
  • Primary mode of communication is whatsapp chat. Monthly calls are optional and need to be prescheduled to ensure you get the nutritionists undivided time. 

If you prefer telephonic conversations, personalisation and prefer the option of daily chat support and reviews then this is the plan for you. 

if you would like to work with Simrun directly, please message us on whatsapp to check for available slots or we can add you on a waitlist. 


1. Book your program.You will get an email with a pre-counselling form and our Nourish number. 

2. We set up a telephonic appointment within 72 working hours of receiving the pre-counselling form. Ensure you give us at least 45 minutes of time

3. We see your food updates and lifestyle for at least 2 working days before developing a plan for you

4. Once you have the plan you, just follow it and send us updates on WhatsApp Daily. Clarify doubts, get suggestions and recommendations by just messaging us

5. We do monthly prescheduled review calls and follow ups (if needed) over and above daily chat support. All calls are pre-scheduled, to ensure you get our undivided attention. We prefer to make changes and recommendations based on our daily chat interactions with you via updates. 

6. Chat interactions are optional but recommended. Your Nutritionist is available to support you via chat all you need to do is drop us a message. 

I have found daily interactions on WhatsApp enables us to help you on a daily basis, to be more in tuned to your life and lifestyle and help you when you need it. Daily interactions enable us to help you navigate various life situations over waiting for specific day phone calls. 

All programs require atleast 30 minute of exercise and activity unless you are injured or physically unable to. 

We encourage daily updates to us to ensure we can guide you when you need it. This program is an on going chat discussion over just checking in once in a while on a call. 

Still not sure ? 
Don't worry I've got you. Just click on the "chat with me" button and clarify any queries or doubts you might have. We are available on the chat from 9am to 5pm on weekdays. We are away on Sundays and holidays but you can still drop your questions and we will reply as soon as we are online. Since we do not have any bots, please allow some time for replies.



Think of it like an exam. You can be in the best university in the world, with the best course and best teachers but if you do not attend class or don't study for the exam then you fail the exam. Eventually it comes down to us, whether we follow it. It is time to take responsibility. 

Results may vary and this is not a substitute for medical treatment. 


Rs.4000 per month + tax


Regular price Rs. 14,160.00
Tax included.

Are you trying to get Pregnant ? 

The best diet to maximize your fertility is one that supports a healthy body and, thus, a healthy reproductive system.

Whether you are thinking of conceiving or undergoing a more specialised fertility treatment like IVF, this personalised plan is here to support you on your journey

This plan focusses on providing you and individualised diet to support your prenatal  or preconception phase. A healthy body helps sustain a healthier pregnancy


What to expect ? 


  • Dedicated Nutritionist 
  • In-depth counselling to develop your diet 
  • Review of report from your doctor (if you have) 
  • Cycle phase tracking 
  • Pre-Conception Supplement Suggestions if required 
  • Option to refer an online gynaecologist consultation 


  • 30 minutes a day 
  • From our programs 
  • Or low impact as suggested by us 


  • Daily Chat Support to review your daily food 
  • Daily ongoing suggestions and guidance on chat 
  • Monthly calls
  • Develop the habits and learn the dos and don’t for pregnancy as well 

Who is it for ? 

  • Men and Women 
  • Looking to conceive in the next 3 months to a year 

What is a “Fertility Diet” ? 

“The term “fertility diet” originated from a large study in 2007 conducted by Harvard researchers that looked at the diets of over 17,000 women trying to conceive,” says Sarah Rueven, a registered dietitian and owner of Rooted Wellness. The study found that consuming a high-quality diet could increase chances of fertility.

Other factors 

Multiple factors affect fertility and this program is built to support you on your journey by helping you eat for a healthier body and reproductive system. 

Many pre-existing issues like PCOS, Endometriosis, Thyroid in women or Type 2 diabetes, Obesity, Heart Diesease, hypertension and smoking in men have a large impact on fertility levels. 

All these conditions benefit from a diet that supports these issues.
This is not a replacement for fertility treatments or a guarantee for conception but the support you need for your body to be healthier and fitter. 


PERFORM - Simrun Chopra
PERFORM - Simrun Chopra
Rs.10,000 per month + tax


Regular price Rs. 35,400.00
Tax included.
Performance nutrition goes beyond just the science of nutrients or prescriptive recommendations (like “eat X grams of nutrient Y”). As a deep health coach, I believe that it is about coaching a person in the full context of their life.
 In the past few years, my team and I have helped athletes lose fat, gain strength, build muscle and recover faster.
Performance and recovery have been the cornerstones of their success in sport.
This is why we developed “Perform-ance Nutrition”.
It’s a six-step coaching process that helps ask the right questions, and take the right actions at the right time.
Athletic performance is an iterative process with continuous monitoring and guidance. Hence the emphasis on daily chat support.
Getting to know you
Initial In-depth telephonic counselling.
Understanding your medical history.
Understanding your lifestyle.
Getting to know your Issues and difficulties.
Knowing your training programs and more.
The Assessment Phase
3 to 4 days of live assessment to understand lifestyles, issues and areas of improvement.
Your Action Plan
Develop a nutrition plan based on your goals and lifestyle.
Focus on performance and recovery.
Take it for a spin
Daily chat support for continuous interaction, ongoing guidance and recommendations.
One monthly call if required.
Change it up
Changes to the nutrition plan based on observation via chat updates.
Change plans as needed to meet new training demands.
Analysis of present supplements.
Supplement recommendations only if required.
We're currently accepting a limited number of applications for Athletic Coaching