Introducing our 2-Week Investigative Program: Your Path to Unveiling a Healthier You! 

In-Depth Investigation

Detailed Analysis

Weekly Calls

Requirement Understanding

Why the Investigation Program ?

Are you struggling with unexplained symptoms like hair fall, bloating, or persistent headaches?
Do you find yourself searching for answers and solutions that just don't seem to make sense?

Look no further! Our program is specifically designed to address these challenges by conducting a comprehensive analysis and investigation into your unique situation.
We take the time to understand the underlying factors causing these issues and provide tailored recommendations for a healthier lifestyle.

Don't settle for guesswork or quick fixes.
Let us uncover the root causes and guide you towards a transformative journey to a better you. Take the first step towards understanding and resolving your health concerns today

In-Depth Investigation

Take a deep dive into understanding your specific health and fitness challenges or pain points through a comprehensive 2-week investigation.

Requirement Understanding

Gain insights into your unique requirements, allowing us to tailor our coaching approach to address your specific needs effectively.

Detailed Analysis

Conduct a thorough examination of your current situation, considering factors such as lifestyle, habits, and preferences, to provide a holistic understanding of your health and fitness context.

Eating Style and Type Assessment

Evaluate your eating style and type to develop a comprehensive understanding of your nutritional patterns and identify areas for improvement.

Two Weekly Calls

Engage in two calls per week with our experienced coaches, ensuring regular communication, progress updates, and addressing any concerns or questions you may have.

Approach Building

We will outline a way forward with suggestions and phases where applicable to target specific issues along with recommending sustainable changes aligned with your goals.

only Rs. 1496 including GST

Introductory offer

India's only Investigation program. Built to help you understand your challenges and provide tailored recommendations for a healthier lifestyle.

No more guess work. 

Start your transformative journey today!

At just Rs. 1496 including taxes !!

only Rs. 1496
including GST

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2-week Investigative Program - Simrun Chopra
2-week Investigative Program - Simrun Chopra

2-week Investigative Program

Rs. 1,496.00
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Introducing our 2-Week  Investigative Program: Your Path to Unveiling a Healthier You! 🌟