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Only once a year with Limited Slots
Exciting Prizes for top 3 transformation stories

  • Get Access the APP and to the Diet and workouts on 2nd August 
  • 12 weeks program + 4 weeks additional bonus 


  • Pick your goal : Fat Loss,Body Recomposition or weight gain
  • Genders : for all gender
  • Flexible to your lifestyle and cultural food like Reboot


This is a slightly more aggressive plan to work towards a specific deadline.
It has limited slots. 
If you have never done a plan with me I would recommend Reboot 1
Book before it is gone


  1. Monthly Diets
  2. Pre-diwali special diet to drop additional pounds
  3. Post Diwali gut health diet
  4. Bonus Navratri diet if you need it
  5. Access to 100s of recipes on the app


  1. New specially created programs
  2. Bonus workouts till program starts
  3. Main Workouts use dumbbells, ball and mini bands
  4. 6 workouts a week + 1 rest day
  5. Stretches and warms ups for each
  6. Mini challenges during the program
  7. Video demonstrations
  8. Home or gym based 


  • Track your meals on the app 
  • Have your meals reviewed 
  • Unlimited chat during working hours
  • Individual modifications and recommendations shared on chat


  • 4 weeks additional access
  • Access to 100s of recipes
  • Access to limited edition Navratri Recipes
  • In app meal tracking and chat
  • In app progress tracking



  • Dumbbells
  • Exercise Ball 
  • Mini Resistance Bands 



Challenge and prize for the best transformation at the end of the program


Who should book

  • If you have done any of the programs before 
  • Open to both men and women. The weights being used and the diets will vary based on gender and goals
  • Under 40 years of age
  • If you have not done a program with me - please check Reboot 1
  • If you are over 40 years old, the individualised nutrition plan- NOURISH might be better suited for you. This is to take into account the change in hormones if you are over 40 years old. 
  • The programs no longer have WhatsApp Chat. All Chats on this program are in-app

Slots are first come first serve.




weightloss transformation diet plan pcos thyroid by simrun chopra

Reboot is great for weightloss and better overall health. If you are someone who can easily understand and implement then reboot is great. The diet is flexible with exchange lists to allow you to eat unlimited combinations. This helps you adapt it to your lifestyle.

For example it has 2 snacks and 3 meals which you can decide when and where to eat. You can move things around as you see convenient. Along the way if you have questions you can just ping us on WhatsApp. We are always happy to help.

weightloss transformation diet plan pcos thyroid by simrun chopra

On the other hand if you're someone who prefers personalized options or have major medical issues then NOURISH is the right plan. A dedicated nutritionist speaks to you and in consultation with you develops a plan just for you.

You have daily access to her on WhatsApp and she helps you through the 3 months. Suggesting and making recommendations daily.

On Nourish you can choose workouts from any of the other plans based on your current level.

dropped 2 inches in 1 month
Dropped 12 kgs in 3 months

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