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Are you trying to get Pregnant ? 

The best diet to maximize your fertility is one that supports a healthy body and, thus, a healthy reproductive system.

Whether you are thinking of conceiving or undergoing a more specialised fertility treatment like IVF, this personalised plan is here to support you on your journey

This plan focusses on providing you and individualised diet to support your prenatal  or preconception phase. A healthy body helps sustain a healthier pregnancy


What to expect ? 


  • Dedicated Nutritionist 
  • In-depth counselling to develop your diet 
  • Review of report from your doctor (if you have) 
  • Cycle phase tracking 
  • Pre-Conception Supplement Suggestions if required 


  • 30 minutes a day 
  • From our programs 
  • Or low impact as suggested by us 


  • Daily Chat Support to review your daily food 
  • Daily ongoing suggestions and guidance on chat 
  • Monthly calls
  • Develop the habits and learn the dos and don’t for pregnancy as well 

Who is it for ? 

  • Men or Women
  • This program is for one person. Each individual must be booked independently
  • Looking to conceive in the next 3 months to a year 

What is a “Fertility Diet” ? 

“The term “fertility diet” originated from a large study in 2007 conducted by Harvard researchers that looked at the diets of over 17,000 women trying to conceive,” says Sarah Rueven, a registered dietitian and owner of Rooted Wellness. The study found that consuming a high-quality diet could increase chances of fertility.

Other factors 

Multiple factors affect fertility and this program is built to support you on your journey by helping you eat for a healthier body and reproductive system. 

Many pre-existing issues like PCOS, Endometriosis, Thyroid in women or Type 2 diabetes, Obesity, Heart Disease, hypertension and smoking in men have a large impact on fertility levels. 

The strategy employed for men is different based on reports and providing the right lifestyle to address it. 

Even if both partners join individually there will be individual strategies. There are no family groups. 

All these conditions benefit from a diet that supports these issues.
This is not a replacement for fertility treatments or a guarantee for conception but the support you need for your body to be healthier and fitter. 



weightloss transformation diet plan pcos thyroid by simrun chopra

Reboot is great for weightloss and better overall health. If you are someone who can easily understand and implement then reboot is great. The diet is flexible with exchange lists to allow you to eat unlimited combinations. This helps you adapt it to your lifestyle.

For example it has 2 snacks and 3 meals which you can decide when and where to eat. You can move things around as you see convenient. Along the way if you have questions you can just ping us on WhatsApp. We are always happy to help.

weightloss transformation diet plan pcos thyroid by simrun chopra

On the other hand if you're someone who prefers personalized options or have major medical issues then NOURISH is the right plan. A dedicated nutritionist speaks to you and in consultation with you develops a plan just for you.

You have daily access to her on WhatsApp and she helps you through the 3 months. Suggesting and making recommendations daily.

On Nourish you can choose workouts from any of the other plans based on your current level.

dropped 2 inches in 1 month
Dropped 12 kgs in 3 months

What is available on Reboot


Choose your level for your workouts. Progressively loading complexity to prevent platue and help build strength and lose fat.

Nutrition for your goals

Simple & Flexible Portion based diet plans to match your workout level and your goals.
Many options to ensure you don't have to eat the same thing daily.

Nutritionist Chat Support

Chat with your nutritionist. Get suggestions and more that are personal to you.

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