RICHA - Lost 17.5 kgs in 3.5 months

RICHA - Lost 17.5 kgs in 3.5 months

Meet Richa. 

When she came to me she was skeptical, she had a little child and no time or energy to cook separate meals. She didn't have hours to workouts but she really wanted to get fit. 

That is all I needed. That spark, that drive to try. 

She joined Reboot, the most powerful program you will ever find. 

Through her good day and bad, she made sure she did her 30 minutes workouts. Whenever she was stuck with food, she reached out to us on WhatsAPP, got clarity, suggestions and recommendations. Most importantly she instantly added this in. 

What I truly love about her is her ability to take responsibility. When she was stuck she would ask for help. Never letting life beat her down. 

Now you can hear it from her. 






Here is what she had to say





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