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Performance nutrition goes beyond just the science of nutrients or prescriptive recommendations (like “eat X grams of nutrient Y”). As a deep health coach, I believe that it is about coaching a person in the full context of their life.
In the past few years, my team and I have helped athletes lose fat, gain strength, build muscle and recover faster.
Performance and recovery have been the cornerstones of their success in sport.
This is why we developed “Perform-ance Nutrition”.
It’s a six-step coaching process that helps ask the right questions, and take the right actions at the right time.
Athletic performance is an iterative process with continuous monitoring and guidance. Hence the emphasis on daily chat support.
Getting to know you
Initial In-depth telephonic counselling.
Understanding your medical history.
Understanding your lifestyle.
Getting to know your Issues and difficulties.
Knowing your training programs and more.
The Assessment Phase
3 to 4 days of live assessment to understand lifestyles, issues and areas of improvement.
Your Action Plan
Develop a nutrition plan based on your goals and lifestyle.
Focus on performance and recovery.
Take it for a spin
Daily chat support for continuous interaction, ongoing guidance and recommendations.
One monthly call if required.
Change it up
Changes to the nutrition plan based on observation via chat updates.
Change plans as needed to meet new training demands.
Analysis of present supplements.
Supplement recommendations only if required.
We're currently accepting a limited number of applications for Athletic Coaching


weightloss transformation diet plan pcos thyroid by simrun chopra

Reboot is great for weightloss and better overall health. If you are someone who can easily understand and implement then reboot is great. The diet is flexible with exchange lists to allow you to eat unlimited combinations. This helps you adapt it to your lifestyle.

For example it has 2 snacks and 3 meals which you can decide when and where to eat. You can move things around as you see convenient. Along the way if you have questions you can just ping us on WhatsApp. We are always happy to help.

weightloss transformation diet plan pcos thyroid by simrun chopra

On the other hand if you're someone who prefers personalized options or have major medical issues then NOURISH is the right plan. A dedicated nutritionist speaks to you and in consultation with you develops a plan just for you.

You have daily access to her on WhatsApp and she helps you through the 3 months. Suggesting and making recommendations daily.

On Nourish you can choose workouts from any of the other plans based on your current level.

dropped 2 inches in 1 month
Dropped 12 kgs in 3 months

What is available on Reboot


Choose your level for your workouts. Progressively loading complexity to prevent platue and help build strength and lose fat.

Nutrition for your goals

Simple & Flexible Portion based diet plans to match your workout level and your goals.
Many options to ensure you don't have to eat the same thing daily.

Nutritionist Chat Support

Chat with your nutritionist. Get suggestions and more that are personal to you.