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I enrolled in Reboot 1 in august.. My weight was 76 when I think to reduce it because it was high time to shed insecurities..I lost 4 kg by my own but not in a healthy way.

When I was at 72kg then I enrolled in your reboot plan and that has changed my perspective about eveything (in a positive way)..After enrolling, My relationship with food become very good as no food is bad as it is just portion which we have to check. Although deep fried items, maida has some detrimental effects, should be taken in moderation..I came to know that how much it is important to be active and do strength training..
I have gained self confidence, energy, more stable mental state and lost lots of inches and habit of binge eating..
Moreover, I was also suffering from PCOD but now my ultrasound reports are normal and there are no cysts in my ovaries..I am so delighted..!

Now I dont worry about my weight as I used to becuase it changes throughout the day.. I believe in consistency which eventually help you to have your dream body..I have learnt these all things from Simrun chopra Mam..I will always remain thankful to her..!
Sorry, I forgot to tell about how much weight I reduced in whole 3 months, it is 10 kgs ie now I am at 62..I think it is so much visible from pictures about my inch reduction which is huge. However, loss of inches are secondary thing for me, What I gained during process is much much important and that is only thing which I cherish forever…!

I am so much thankful to my nutritionist, she is so much dedicated for her work that she ask for updates every time I forgot to put it on app.
Thank you once again Simran Chopra Mam and team😊

Hi, i am pooja

I have been struggling with postpartum weight gain since the past 3 yrs. And even before that i found that i have uterine fibroid with irregular period and spottings throughout a month!!
After having my son i was thrown into busy days and nights of never having a free time for myself. more over i was preparing for my final year exam along with taking care of a new born baby. I was always tired along with mood swings and started stress eating. I gained a lot of weight eventually. I lost the young confident and active myself. I hid myself in baggy cloths and shrugs. One lazy day i found NWS in instagram. As soon as i saw it i knew i need it.... i need to change. Finding time for workout was the main problem. But i was able to find time for it which i never thought i have. I thought i have to cook extra food for me for i dont have any other help for doing household work. But for a family of 3 we all ate the same food. Its that knowing deep about food and nutrition my outlook changed. We can eat whatever we want but with portion control. Infact this lifestyle change have helped my small family a lot. With nws i lost 500gm to 1 kgs evey week i lost 10 kgs in 3 months. I lost lot of inches and i can wear my old cloths now. I look different, i feel light, more over i got the old me back . i look younger now. I'm getting regular periods and acne also reduced. I'm way happier than i ever was. I walk taller, confident and energetic. Health is my first priority in life now. We are what we eat..... NWS made me realise what it really meant. Kudos to the whole team 😊👍 and thankyou

Hello, I am sharing my journey today with you. After I had to get back to my job, I couldn't be regular with workouts on weekdays as I have an infant who just turned a year old, gives me sleepless nights. But I didn't let the weekends to slip away, and on the weekdays I completed my 10k steps to the minimum using stairs. I kept my tiffin boxes pre planned to maintain the right quality and quantity. With your team, it has been a journey from the last six months and I can't thank enough for this life saving change. In two programs till date, I have lost 14 kgs and dropped from size XL to S. Now I can shop with all my heart out without thinking about the size.

And the best part is my colleagues keep on asking me that with a year old baby and sleepless nights how can I drop to this size and tone myself😄 but it is not a secret anymore and I am happy to convince more women to join your program.

I am attaching a collage of two photos in exactly the same sweater just a year and half apart. One is just before conceiving and one is now. Baggy Sweater makes us look a little puffy but I can see the difference. Moreover, O can feel the difference.

I walk straight now.
I feel lighter.
I feel energetic.
I feel to have healthy eating everytime even if I dine out
I have a different perspective to lifestyle now.
I feel like moving/walking whenever I need to sit for long.

Thank you a lot for this!!!
My journey doesn't end with you all. It is just the beginning.
Cheers to the new year and new me with all of you.
Hugs and love.

Finally I decided to join nourish with sim program and thats one of the best decision I made. I met my savior Samyukta, she guided like how teachers guide a playschool student. No question was stupid or repetitive for her. She was always humble and listened to me and my problems with a very very open mind. And I will be forever grateful to both Simrun and Samyukta.
So here is my transformation from 66 kgs down to 54.5 kgs. And I have never been so happier in my body before !
Thankyou Simrun and Samyukta.

I went in expecting something but not sure what . It started with food , nutrition and my diet mainly. My nutritionist Nikita slowly taught me portion control, proper nutrition and the kind of foods I needed to eat daily etc. Carb/ protein / veggies were all portioned out to give you a proper balanced meal. I had my cheat days too where I indulged once a week . This helps you to stick to your habits when you reward yourself a bit . Diet culture now makes women starve themselves and be super scared of carbs . This program taught me that you don’t need to be scared of food , and that you need to eat balanced in order for your body to function properly. Do not be scared of carbs or starve yourself endlessly . I lost 6-7 kgs eating smart . I’m walking away better educated, happy and forming sustainable habits . I still have work to do but I’m super confident that I can do this on my own . I’m 47 years old and believe anyone can do it


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Dieting Doesn't Have to be a Punishment!

No matter how motivated you are, staying fit and healthy is challenging when you’re surrounded by temptations, responsibilities, and expectations. Whether you’re trying to lose weight, tone up, or get more energy, your body needs the right nutrition to support your goals.

Most fitness/meal plans are too demanding and unrealistic over time because they were not designed for your unique body, habits, or tastes.

There's a Better Way.

Introducing Deep Health by logo

Nurrish offers customizable lifestyle plans for deep health with fun workouts, delicious food, and flexible fitness strategies.


Transform your health in just 14 weeks

Fitness & Weight Management Plan


  • A flexible workout and nutrition plan tailored to your individual goals and preferences.
  • Expert guidance from in-app nutritionists.
  • Access to private community for motivation and support.
+ PLUS Exclusive Challenges, Bonus Workouts 1,000+ Recipe Library to keep you on track!

Plans starting ₹ 1880/month onward

(incl. taxes)


12 weeks of 1-on-1 coaching with a private nutritionist

Our highly educated and experienced nutritionists and fitness specialists will provide you with personalized exercise, nutrition, tracking, guidance, and habit-changing tools to help you achieve your health goals in a sustainable way that fits your lifestyle, tastes, and preferences.

From weight management and sports nutrition to clinical and medical dietetics, we have the expertise and personalized approach to help you succeed.

  • Personalized deep health coaching for a full range of health and fitness goals
  • Flexible diet plans for your lifestyle
  • Regular phone counseling and on-the-go chat support
  • Optional workouts tailored to your level
+ PLUS Bonus Menu Expert Coaching Session to customize a personalized meal plan!

Plans starting ₹ 4650/month onward

(incl. taxes)

Elevate Your Company's Health
with Our Corporate Wellness Solutions

As a corporation, you know that maintaining a healthy and engaged workforce is crucial for success. That's where we come in.

Our Deep Health wellness philosophy recognizes that true health goes beyond just physical well-being, and involves emotional, mental and spiritual well-being.

  • Range of natural, science-based programs and services, including fitness, nutrition counseling and stress management workshops
  • Experienced team of wellness professionals dedicated to helping you create a culture of health and well-being
  • Increased productivity, reduced absenteeism and improved employee morale

Ready to experience the power of deep health within
your organization?

Contact us today to learn more about our corporate wellness solutions.

Enjoy your food, Live your life, Love your body

  • Want to improve your health at a deep level and feel good about yourself but struggle to follow a rigid fitness plan?
  • Are tired of cookie-cutter starvation diets and unrealistic programs that clash with your lifestyle?
  • Wish you could cook delicious meals, spend time with people you love, and transform your body at the same time?

Simrun Chopra

logo Founder & CEO

Precision Nutrition Level 2 Super Coach

You Deserve a Flexible Healthy Lifestyle
That Caters to your Personal Tastes, Needs and Goals.

Before I became a certified nutritionist and founded Nurrish. I was an overweight Indian mother who struggled with my emotional and physical health

At my lowest point, I was so self-conscious that I didn’t want to leave the house!

I know how difficult it can be to improve your health without support, guidance, and room to focus on self-care, and how easy it is to fall victim to crash diets when you’re desperate for change.

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The best fitness professionals know that when it comes to your health, there are no one-size fits all approach.

Nurrish combines the expertise of 40+ highly educated and experienced nutritionists and fitness specialists to offer individualized nutrition plans as well as tracking, flexible guidance and workouts, and habit-changing lifestyle tools for sustainable success.

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Can't Find the Right Plan For Your Specific Goals?

Connect with us to rediscover yourself

Nurrish has Transformed Over 25,000+ Lives.

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Are you next?

Life is too Short to be Trapped in a Rigid Lifestyle.

You deserve deep health that includes loving your life, food, and self.

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  • Reach your fitness and health goals with an easy lifestyle, sustainable habits, and foods you truly love
  • Stay on track with a plan that supports your deeper health needs while adapting to your changing lifestyle
  • Boost your self-confidence, energy, and long-term health while having tons of fun
  • Lose weight with tasty meals and flexible eating guidance for any occasion
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  • Feel supported by a safe and motivating community of people on the same journey
  • Get personalized advice on the go from real clinical nutritionists and top fitness experts
  • Balance your body guided by Nutritionists Specializing in Women’s Hormones and Health
  • Be empowered and in control of your eating habits without depriving yourself

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Are programs available only in india or can international clients join?

My coaching programs are not limited to India. We work across the globe. We believe in providing support and guidance to women all around the world. So, no matter where you are, you can benefit from the program.

Does it work for people with pcos & thyroid?

Yes, on Reboot the diet can be tailored to this and on the Private Diet Coaching we can focus on bringing these under control. Over 50% of people on Reboot have PCOS.
We have a large number of people with PCOS and Thyroid who have all lost weight. People with PCOS have also seen their periods regularize over time through our programs.

I live in a hostel and cannot cook for myself. can i still do the program?

Yes. My meal plans are designed with total flexibility in mind. They are designed basis food groups and portion sizes, so you can eat anywhere - hostels, cafeterias, restaurants, etc. It’s all acceptable as long as you are getting proper nutrition. Should we believe you aren’t getting adequate nutrition, we might ask you to buy some groceries that don’t need any cooking, like milk, curd, cucumber, fruits, etc.

I am breastfeeding, can i join the program?

Yes. Ideally, you should be at least 12 weeks post-delivery to join the program. For precaution’s sake, please check with your gynecologist if you are allowed to exercise. The Food plan and exercise will not affect your milk supply. In fact, we can help you with increase milk supply.

I just delivered a baby. can i join?

Optimally, you should wait 12 weeks post a normal delivery and 14 weeks post a C-section. However, it would be best for you to consult with your Doctor first before commencing any exercise program.

I travel a lot. will i be able to follow the program?

Yes. My programs revolve around anytime – anywhere philosophy. My meal plans are designed for easy adoption anywhere in the world. The workout sessions can be done even in a hotel room. The idea is to be able to deal with busy life situation and manage without stressing over it.

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