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NOURISH - Simrun Chopra
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NOURISH - Simrun Chopra
Simrun Chopra


Regular price Rs. 11,800.00
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12 weeks with daily chat support from your dedicated nutritionist.

Prices listed are for the full program duration including taxes (GST) and NOT per month. 

What we offer:

  • Age-inclusive plans tailored to your specific lifestyle goals & health issues
  • Exclusive bridal diets for weight loss, glowing skin & better hair


What will you get:

  • Start with an in-depth telephonic consultation with a Nourish nutritionist to understand your history, habits, requirements and goals. Based on our conversation, we develop a fully personalised diet plan for you. 
  • A dedicated nutritionist is assigned to you for the whole duration of the program
  • We are here for you throughout the 3-month program through daily WhatsApp support and guidance. We monitor your daily progress, answer your queries and make recommendations or changes as and when you require
  • 30 minute workouts : Do you own workouts or add one from our programs complimentary. Workouts can be included from any of the other available programs based on your level of fitness and after discussions with your nutritionist. The workouts are not customised. We will also define activity levels to provide an all round approach. 
  • All program workouts will be available for access on one convenient online platform. This ensures everything is conveniently accessible and easy to find. You will have one additional month access after your program finishes. 
  • You define the goals. We help you get there with our methodologies 

If you prefer telephonic conversations, personalisation and prefer the option of daily chat support and reviews then this is the plan for you. 


1. Book your program 

2. We set up a telephonic appointment within 72 working hours. Ensure you give us at least 45 minutes of time

3. We see your food updates and lifestyle for at least 2 days before developing a plan for you

4. Once you have the plan you, just follow it and send us updates on WhatsApp Daily. Clarify doubts, get suggestions and recommendations by just messaging us

5. We do monthly review calls over and above daily chat support. All calls are pre-scheduled to ensure you get our undivided attention. We prefer to make changes and recommendations based on our daily chat interactions with you via updates. 

I have found daily interactions on WhatsApp enables us to help you on a daily basis, to be more in tuned to your life and lifestyle and help you when you need it. Daily interactions enable us to help you navigate various life situations over waiting for specific day phone calls. 

All programs require atleast 30 minute of exercise and activity unless you are injured or physically unable to. 

We encourage daily updates to us to ensure we can guide you when you need it. This program is an on going chat discussion over just checking in once in a while on a call. 


from Rs. 4,130.00


Regular price Rs. 4,130.00
Tax included.


12 + 2 weeks of in-home fitness 

+ nutrition re-imagined 
+ secret habit tools  


Prices listed are for the full program duration and NOT per month. 
Rs. 4130 for 3.5 months that is less than Rs. 43 a day !!! Less than a cup of coffee a day. 


This program is MY methodology and approach. 




Today - 4th May


TIme to prepare

Get immediate access to the WebApp to check your diet, workouts and more. 

4th - 15th May 2021

Pre-training ( workouts + diet )

Pre-conditioning weeks and WhatsApp chat for clarity and guidance

16th May onwards

12 weeks main program starts

Main program workouts + Diets + Challenges + Access to secret community + Sample menus + Weekly progress tracking + WhatsApp Chat support

post 12 week main program

Additional Access to Program Content on the Web Portal

One month additional access to the program in case you need a little more time or missed a few days.


What we offer:


  • Fat burning workouts, six days a week, programmed for maximum results.
  • Video demonstrations.
  • Do it anywhere.
  • Do it anytime: 30 minutes is all you need.



  • My signature ‘Reboot’ diet for fat loss.
  • Completely flexible to your lifestyle & culture.
  • 3 full meals and 2 snacks daily.
  • No fancy ingredients or extra cooking needed
  • No protein shakes needed.
  • Weekly sample meal ideas.
  • Festival based food plans.



  • We are always a message away on Whatsapp. Message us with your questions, suggestions or feedback, we usually respond within 24 hours.
  • Our weekly tracking, diet recommendations and update interactions take place on Whatsapp.
  • Reboot is aA Chat-based program. No telephone conversations will be possible. Please check Nourish if you prefer calls. 



  • This program is personally designed by me to help with weight correction, improved health and overall well-being.
  • Reboot is 50% food plan and 50% workout based. They are built to work together to make you leaner, fitter and stronger. 
  • My DIETS are unlike any you’ve ever seen. They are completely flexible and adaptable to any lifestyle or culture. You do not need to cook special recipes. I will teach you how to eat the food available to you in your home / lifestyle / culture.
  • This is not a fixed menu diet that you see everywhere. 
  • On enrolling, you will receive my Healthy Eating & Lifestyle Program (H.E.L.P.) Kit that answers all your questions on how to get started.
  • All workouts & nutrition plans are available on one convenient online platform to ensure easy access.
  • Everyone on a program receives an additional one-month of free access from the date of their program completion.

    This program is personally designed by me. However, as I cannot respond to everyone, I have a team of highly qualified nutritionists to support me. 


    Read the FAQ section for more details. Send any additional queries you have to us via WhatsApp.


    • Start tomorrow with the PREP kit. It has mini workouts and a introductory diet to help you ease into something new. 
    • 4th May you start the program, till then message us whenever you need help or clarifications 
    • The workouts and diet web portal access is sent to you a day from joining.
    • You should take some time to go through everything and message us for clarifications. Please account for this time while booking. 
    • We will have weekly WhatsApp based check-ins and tracking. You can message us during the week too if you have a doubt. We usually respond within 24 hours. This is a WhatsAPP chat support based program 
    • The program is pre-created by me and uses my style of workout and diets. This is a Flexible Dieting plan where you can choose what you eat based on the parameters and amounts I have defined. There are no strict weekly diets to force you to cook my recipes or eat only what I decide. This is a lifestyle plan that will last you a lifetime. Which means you can order in or just eat what your family is eating or available at a mess with the modifications and quantities i have created. 
    • If you book for 6 months you get Reboot level 1 and level 2


    1. Under 40 years of age (if you are over 40 do check Nourish or message us on WhatsApp) 

    2. Guidelines are provided for common lifestyle issues like PCOS, Thyroid, Irregular periods, Night shift etc.

    3. We have people from over 40 countries, so all food and cultures work 

    4. Joint family, hostel-ites, working people can all use the diet due to it's flexibility  

    5. People who prefer flexibility, little effort, want weight correction and want to learn the ideal way to eat their own food

     6. The program is 3.5 months but you will get one additional month access to the workouts. 

    If you are not sure if it is right for you, just message us on WhatsApp and we will guide you.

    If you prefer a telephonic consultation, diet personalisation, have specialised needs and prefer the option of daily chat support and reviews then please check the NOURISH program. 


    1. People looking for fad diets and quick fixes
    2. People looking for traditional diets 



    We aim for 1% body weight drop a week maximum. However think of it like an exam. You can be in the best university in the world with the best course and best teachers but if you do not attend class or don't study for the exam then you fail the exam. Eventually it comes down to us, whether we follow it. It is time to take responsibility. 

    Results may vary and this is not a substitute for medical treatment. 


    When I was XL do you know what frustrated me the most? All the restrictive diets, with their boring menus. They didn’t fit with my lifestyle. Everything took up too much of my time. As a working mom, I didn’t have 2 hours a day to workout AND make separate meals. 

    I resented the restrictive diets and the endless hours of workouts. All of it ended up demotivating me further.  Very often, I found myself thinking, "Nothing works for me, I have stubborn fat.” 

    But then, I went from XL to XS in 5 months. Since then, thousands of people have done the same with me. They’ve lost weight. Become healthier. Gotten leaner, stronger and fitter. Most importantly, they have also regained lost confidence and a zest for life. 

    Imagine having the flexibility to eat as per your choice by tweaking what you eat already. Imagine being able to eat out or order a biryani and not feel guilty. Imagine working out for just 30 mins and feel supercharged for the rest of the day.


    This is my Reboot program. It’s non-restrictive, enjoyable and includes ways to incorporate anything you would like to eat! 

    What results can you expect?

    • You’ll develop a better relationship with food.
    • You’ll start losing fat (and inches) that you’ve been stuck with.
    • You’ll start to love, respect and appreciate your body more.


    How are we different?

    I am a working mom who understands the daily struggles of juggling multiple things. All my programs have been developed for busy individuals. I wanted to provide you with the best, so I got world-class fitness experts, trainers & nutritionists onboard to help me develop the best programs. My focus is on creating a high-quality lifestyle program that is accessible to everyone. A program that does not require you to make drastic changes to the way you eat or live.


    Through my programs I help you implement subtle but powerful changes to your diet and fitness routine to make you feel happier, healthier, fitter and stronger. We will not only work on your physical goals, but on mental and emotional aspects of your well-being, too.



    1. I have PCOS / THYROID will it still work for me ?  
    Yes this plan has guidelines for Pcos and Thyroid so don't worry. Instead of me explaining, scroll to the bottom and see what girls on the program have to say. 

    2. I'm 45+ which program should I go for ?  
    Nourish would be the better option. As we age we have different nutritional requirements. 

    3. I'm a lactating mom, will this effect my milk supply ?  
    I have includes dos and don'ts for lactating moms, however if you opt for Nourish we can also work on other aspects of post pregnancy lactation. 

    4. I'm not overweight, just need to lose a few kgs and get toned ?  
    Reboot is perfect then, it focusses on fat loss. When you drop fat percentage and do program workouts, you will get the lean look ( commonly called "toned). 

    5. I live in a joint family / hostel I can't cook special food.  
    You don't need to. That's the beauty of the program. 

    6. I have injuries so I can't work out 
    Ideally you should opt for NOURISH. Incase you can't then you can do the Reboot diet with walking ( specific targets will be mentioned by us) 

    7. I have multiple medical issues, will this work ?  
    Here I would recommend NOURISH, as the consultation will help us access what you truly need. 

    8. Who is it for ?  
    Anyone under 45yrs of age who wants to lose weight and get fit.  


    9. I have a trainer / workouts i follow
    That's awesome, but are you getting the results you deserve for your effort ? 
    Does your plan focus on losing the weight and keeping it off ? 

    10. How much weight will I lose ? 
    think of it like an exam, if you study well you do well. If you don't study, you don't. It is the same with everything in life. It also depends on your starting weight, however most people lose between 6 and 14 kgs. 

    So you've been running on the treadmill for an hour each day and still don't see any dramatic changes... Well, that's probably because you're exercising but not exercising RIGHT. My program uses circuits for maximum power and fat burning. Exercises also range from bodyweight resistance, to plyometrics, to even cardio and unilateral exercises. All with one goal in mind: to get you to become the best version of yourself!



    Why wait till 6th October. Let's start now. 
    Limited time offer - JOIN NOW and i'll send you the PREP STARTER KIT and you can start tomorrow. 

    The Prep Starter Kit has an extra diet and workouts that you can do from now till the program starts

    You get from now to program start as ADDITIONAL TIME FOR FREE only if you book now 



    Less than Rs. 45 per day + tax


    Regular price Rs. 4,720.00
    Tax included.


    Due to large requests we have opened one more Summer Body Challenge. 
    With a large number of pre-bookings there are very limited slots. 

    Get Access to the Diet and a filler week when you join.  

    Prep Week - 19th April

    Main program Week 1 day 1 - 26th April

    This is a slightly more aggressive plan to work towards a specific deadline.
    It has limited slots
    Book before it is gone

    Last Summer Body Challenge for the year - book now or miss out

    1. New diets every month
    2. Fat Loss Focus
    3. Flexible to your lifestyle and cultural food like Reboot
    4. Optional diets for Stagnation and Ramadan

    1. All NEW - Choose between 30 and 60 mins workouts daily
    2. Video demonstrations sent for workouts
    3. Home or gym based
    4. 6 workout days a week

    1. Like REBOOT - daily updates (Optional but recommended) 
    2. Unlimited WhatsApp chat during working hours
    3. Individual modifications and recommendations shared on chat

    Exercise Ball 

    Mini Resistance Bands


    Challenge and prize for the best transformation at the end of the program

    Who should book

    • If you have done any of the programs before 
    • Open to both men and women. The weights being used and the diets will vary based on gender. 
    • Under 40 years of age
    • If you have not done a program with me - please check Reboot 1
    • If you are over 40 years old, the individualised nutrition plan-  NOURISH might be better suited for you. This is to take into account the change in hormones if you are over 40 years old. 

    Summer Body WhatsApp Number : Click Here 

    Slots are first come first serve.