habit - smart carbs

This habit will help you improve your food choices and fuel up properly.

Habit 1: Make smart carbohydrate choices.

This week we focus on picking smarter carbs. You might have noticed the Summer Body Diet doesn't mention rava, seviyan, poha or white rice like Reboot. 

I'll explain more below.

You’ll still try to do all your previous habits from Reboot

What's a "smart carb choice"?

"Smart carbohydrates" are carbs that are:

  • higher in fiber (so they digest relatively slowly, giving you long-lasting slow-burn energy)
  • full of vitamins, minerals and other phytonutrients;
  • friendly to your blood sugar, hormones, and digestion;
  • versatile and easily cooked;
  • whole, relatively minimally processed foods; and
  • delicious!

Smart carbs add value to your body and make you healthier

Thus, making smart carb choices means:

  1. Choose high-quality, health-promoting foods.
  2. Consistently.

Remember: Quality fuel in the machine.

The smart carb list

Smart carbs include:

    • fruit (fresh or frozen)
    • starchy tubers such as potatoes, sweet potatoes, kohlrabi, yams etc
  • other starchy fruits and veggies, such as raw banana or squashes 
  • whole, minimally-processed grains (such as quinoa, brown, red rice wild, millets, amaranth, broken wheat, slow-cooking oats, buckwheat, sprouted grains, etc.)
  • lentils and legumes

Choose these slow-digesting, high-fiber, nutrient-rich smart carbs and you'll look, feel, and perform better.

Eat BETTER carbs, not FEWER carbs

This bit is important.

With this daily habit:

We’re asking you to eat BETTER QUALITY carbs.

We're NOT asking you to eat FEWER carbs.

(Yes, this might be an Opposite Day for you. Stay with us here.)

You never have to "give up" carbs. Ever.

(Even if you want to get so shredded that people see your six pack abs.)

Just switch or substitute smart carbs. Simple.

How to do your habit today

Keep it simple.

Don't worry about the details of this habit.

Just get the general idea. 

Review the list of smart carbs above.

Make sure you understand what smart carbs are, and why they're so smart.


How can you get more of these, or substitute them in your regular meals?

Try some stuff and see what you like.

Examples :

  • make upma with broken wheat or millets
  • try moong dal dosa 
  • try amaranth, brown rice or millets instead of white rice 

Get your portions right.

Ensure you eat as per the portions mentioned. 

Then eat slowly and mindfully, to 80% full. (If you have leftovers, no problem. Save them for later.)

One day at a time, one small change at a time.

As always.