in a week 3 cardio + 3 workouts + 1 active rest day 



The video is based on the timing of the workout with the rest times included.
You can now do it along with me in the video.
I have factored in the breaks so once the video finishes, replay immediately to move to the next round
( as I have calculated rest time based on restarting the video immediately.)


Try and do as many repetitions of the given exercise in 30 seconds.

Warm up : 5 mins of spot walking
30 Secs of each exercise followed by 15 secs break
(30 secs on and 15 secs off)

Cardio Workout

Jumping jacks
Power Skipping
High Knees
Mini Jumps
Mini wide squats
Full plank shoulder tap

Each round is only 4.5 minutes !!!
Do atleast 5- 6 rounds
6 rounds is only 18 minutes of active exercise time.

Cool down : 10 mins walking
Stretch - hold each stretch for 30 seconds
And you are done.


If you cannot do the mini jumps you can opt for fast paced walking for 30 minutes. Walking as fast as possible.