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What working with us looks like

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Pick your program

Fat Loss Programs

Lose upto a kg per week without exhaustive workouts or strict restrictive diets. 

Learn to reach your dream goal with NORMAL food !


weight management 
from beginner to advanced

Fitness & Nutritional Bundle 
All Levels 
Rs. 2000 per month including 18% GST


90 Days Challenge

Perfect for Intermediary to advanced levels
Book Now Starts Coming Tuesday

Rs. 2000 per months including 18% GST

Personalised Diet Coaching - Built from scratch for YOU 

Say goodbye to cookie-cutter diets; embrace personalized nutrition.

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Premium Coaching Program

Tailored to your specific goals and unique needs.
Personalized nutrition that goes beyond the basics.
2 Dedicated Female Nutritionists with Masters Degrees
Effective Workouts from our collections for your goals 

Unlimited calls & Unlimited chats

Your goals, our expertise—let's make magic happen.

At Rs. 5500 per month + 18% GST

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Get your PCOS under control

3 phases to target spcific issues with a dedicated nutritionist and custom built plan for your specific PCOS type. 

Starts at Rs. 3400 per month + GST

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Get ready for your big day

A more aggressive plan designed to help you look and feel your best for your big day.

Limited Slots

Coach with SIM

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Coach with SIM

Work with SIM as one of your nutritionists to build a plan for you from scratch 

Starts at Rs.9950 per month + GST

Book a Call with us to see if this plan is a good fit for you

Need Help ? Set up a call with us

Recipe of the Day

FREE Weekly Health Digest

Limited Edition

90 days intense transformation challenge with workouts and multiple diet strategies. 

Break that plateu 

Check Program DetailsBlock your Slot

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Upgrade Your Wardrobe Now!

Deal Of The Day

About Manhood

Men’s casual clothing online store with stylish and comfortable clothes for all men.

The Pillars of our Programs

Flexible Eating

Enables you to eat your normal food without making separate meals

Effective Workouts

Quality over quantity from 30 mins to 1 hour workouts that maximise your results


The nutritionist guides you to make the program sustainable in your life and in the long terms

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Not built for "celebrities" !!! Built to help real people, with real everyday struggles and demands. Built to be Realistic !!

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