Hi, Thank you so much for all your help in these 3 months. The journey has been tough at times, and quite a learning curve for mum, but ultimately so rewarding. The changes we've seen in her diet have been immense, from her learning the basics of nutrition to implementing and transforming the way she approached food, as well as the other aspects such as maintaining steps and increasing water intake. The habits that she's developed are:
- big increase in the amount of fresh fruits and vegetables that she eats every day
- strictly maintaining high water intake
- developing the habit of 10,000 steps daily
- eating regularly and not skipping mealtimes
She's happy with the progress she's made over these months, and feels that it's the start to longer term change. She plans to continue with the habits she's developed to achieve further results hopefully. In all the years before the programme, she's never seen her weight change in the way it has these three months! So once again, thank you for your support and constant feedback, I don't think she could have done it without this ☺️

- Shanaz Nurrish (testimonial written by her daughter)

Es plan se mene 9 kg weight loss kiya .mere inches bhi kafi kam hua .Etna weight loos mera pahle kabhi nahi hua.
Jab plan liya tab muje laga 4.5 kg kam ho jayega tu bhi thik he
Mene sab khuch khaya use baad bhi etana acha hua h.
Muje bhut acha laga .
Es plan ke Duran muje pata chal gaya ki mere love kya sahi h kya galat h h sabse achi baat lagi.
Mene food health sake bare m bhut khuch shika sab es bare m puchte h tab muje bhut badiya lagta h.

Thank you so much.

- Rakhi kedia

Finally I decided to join nourish with sim program and thats one of the best decision I made. I met my savior Samyukta, she guided like how teachers guide a playschool student. No question was stupid or repetitive for her. She was always humble and listened to me and my problems with a very very open mind. And I will be forever grateful to both Simrun and Samyukta.
So here is my transformation from 66 kgs down to 54.5 kgs. And I have never been so happier in my body before !
Thankyou Simrun and Samyukta.

- Shobhna Awasthi

Sukanya Sangle Mundhe

Slowly steadily during lockdown i started gaining weight one day my weight went upto 72kg.
Was horrifying to me at a point.
I always felt insecure and less confident about my looks and everything about me.
For someone been a very foody as person.
It was always difficult and challenging for me to lose weight until one day i realised it was now high time that i will have to lose weight.
But how to start and what to do was always a question for me.
I joined gym i did yoga but my weight never got reduced neither did my body got toned.
I use to have a lot of hairfall with lot of pimples also on my face.
And at that point of time my family was looking a guy for me for marriage.
So during that phase i got so many rejection just because i was over weight.
Which hurted me very bad and i literally got depressed.
But i was following simrun mam on my istagram.
And i use to follow her recipes and her post.
Then one fine day i made up my mind of joining her reboot program and i think that i when my life got changed..

I got the reboot kit i studied every thing written in it and dedicatedly followed the routine without even crash dieting my weight reduced more over my body got toned.
I lost overall fats from my body.
My hairfall got reduced my pimple issue got sorted.
I started to feel more confident and healthier day by day.
I couldn't believe that i could do it i lost weight even without giving up on my favourite food by just eating the right way.
I cant tell you how life changing this program has been to me.
Post this program i got married and looked more cofident and extremely pretty on my wedding day..
Simrun mam's reboot gave me so much more just than reducing weight.
And i will recommend that every girl should study her program and stsrt implementing it through out her life.

- Sukanya

I would really like to thank you Simrun and team for the guidance. This is one of the life changing from I have joined I started at 76.7 and now I am 71.8 ( gained 1 kg in Diwali vacation) but it’s really nice to know all the portions what to eat what not and Nikita is really a great help , the way she motivates and explains is really appreciable and I really enjoyed the program and I learned alot and try to follow the same for life long. I will join back the program again after few weeks as I need to loose some more weight .


- Akanksha

As an ambitious 30 year old woman, I try to excel in everything I do. The only place where I would fail is maintaining my body and health.
I have worked out for months at the gym but I guess without the proper guidance I failed. Every single time.
I came across @nourishwithsim and got in contact with them hoping that if they help me lose 3 kgs without hitting a plateau I’ll be grateful to them and I will somehow manage the rest.
I was so wrong!!!
One week of following the diet plan and attempting to complete my 10k steps I started shedding weight. Literally days into the program!! My clothes started becoming loose. I have my fair share of medical issues so it was unexpected.
Today at the end of my 3 months I am happy to say that I am 9 kgs lighter.

I sleep better, I drink more water, I have better skin, I get more compliments and I gained my confidence. I always felt that if I lose weight this fast it will affect my muscle mass. But to my surprise I am stronger thanks to all the workouts in my plan and have better reflexes today. I also became more active and developed arm strength which was a pleasant surprise. Nikita, my nutritionist, always told me to focus on being happy. Everyday is never the same but I tried my best. I was dedicated to only thing in my entire program which I would recommend others to do as well. Just follow what your nutritionist is saying. Losing weight is like being a student. You have to discipline your mind, your body, your choices and just follow your instructions to see lasting results. It is extremely easy to give one hour a day to the body that is going to be with you for the rest of your life. Make it count!!!
Shoutout of gratitude to Simrun ma’am for creating a program that gives us the freedom to choose what we eat and how you help us balance it- be it ice cream, cheat meals, waffles or anything else that is your guilty pleasure. And most importantly my mother will always be grateful to you for making sure I eat various vegetables every day. Blessings from her to Simrun ma’am, Nikita and the entire team of @nourishwithsim!! I love you!! Thank you for giving me my body and my health back!❣️

- Prarthana

I went in expecting something but not sure what . It started with food , nutrition and my diet mainly. My nutritionist Nikita slowly taught me portion control, proper nutrition and the kind of foods I needed to eat daily etc. Carb/ protein / veggies were all portioned out to give you a proper balanced meal. I had my cheat days too where I indulged once a week . This helps you to stick to your habits when you reward yourself a bit . Diet culture now makes women starve themselves and be super scared of carbs . This program taught me that you don’t need to be scared of food , and that you need to eat balanced in order for your body to function properly. Do not be scared of carbs or starve yourself endlessly . I lost 6-7 kgs eating smart . I’m walking away better educated, happy and forming sustainable habits . I still have work to do but I’m super confident that I can do this on my own . I’m 47 years old and believe anyone can do it

- Deneba

It was a good experience to join simran's program, my dedicated nutrionist Nikita had always been there to motivate me throughout my weight loss journey for last 3 months. It was very tough for me to manage everything with all ongoing medical conditions, but my coach Nikita guided me so well and majorly she focused on the holistic change rather than just weight loss. However, i lost 5 kg in 3 months, and for me , it was quite a satisfactory result. Thank you for giving me the approach of positive attitude towards food.

- Nidhi Lohia

Subscribing the diet plan of simrun twice is enough to prove how much I love being a part of it.
Calling it a 'diet plan' will be wrong as I never felt I was dieting or starving myself. The plan was so flexible that it never felt like I was dieting. I would rather call it mindful eating and opting a healthy lifestyle for life.
The benefits have been innumerable. Starting with how I'm able to control my cravings,how I have started finding healthy options when I go out to eat and manage my portions accordingly. Special mention of the target to complete 10k steps as it has shown so many changes in my life. I've become active, I don't feel bloated after meals,my metabolism and bowel habits have improved so much.
I never knew losing weight could be so easy until I joined the program. The best thing that I observed after the first program which encouraged me to join the program again was the fact that even when my program got over, I didn't gain weight again as many people complain. I was so happy that my weight was constant as I could follow the diet later on as well because it was so flexible,my body got accustomed to the quantities which helped to follow it forever.
Even now when the plan is getting over,I'm so happy that I have inculcated these healthy eating habits which will have life long benefits and to a great extent,I've understood how to manage my meals,my workout and my activity. Starting from 95kgs to coming down to 80.8kgs is a big achievement for me. Can't thank the entire team of Simrun enough for being a guiding light in my journey and being so motivating all the time. This is not the end of my weight loss journey,there's still a long way to go but it doesn't seem impossible as it used to be earlier.
A big thank you! ❤️

- Rupali

I would like to thanks Nikita and team nourish with sim who helped me through the journey of loosing of weight and getting fit. Nikita who has always helped me in motivating when I use to feel disheartened and because of her I have lost 10kgs of weight since September 2020. I am still continuing my program as I want to loose 10 more kgs to come to my ideal weight. I am a working mom and still manages to take out time for my workout and steps!! There are days when I am unable to workout or follow my diet but there comes Nikita who encourages to continue and next day I am back on track. I would have never thought of drinking 3 lts of water in a day, for me it was impossible but through her motivation and my dedication I manage to have 3lts of water even in winters!! I am proud of myself!! ☺️ Thanks for changing my lifestyle, now whenever I go out I look for healthy options!!
Thank you so much team Nourish with Sim.

- Simran

I have started my journey of weight loss exactly 48 days ago with 62 kgs and today I am at 56.4 kgs. I feel very light, active and energetic and no bloating which was my main concern.

About my experience on the journey, it was not that easy for me. I am full time housewife, full time working women in an IT industry and full time mom. In US, we do not have house help and cooking each meal is a challenge. I was not sure if I’ll be able to follow the diet plan. However, as the days passes by all my confusions are being corrected by your team and guided me in a right path. The diet plan was easy to follow, infact now I have learnt how we can include veggies in each and every meal. Also, have to mention, I was not breakfast person before starting the journey, now I always look for it. And about workout, brisk walk in treadmill is one of my favorite activity these days.

Thank you so much to the nourish team for your right guidance and motivation. The journey would not have been so smooth without your motivation and guidance

- Monalisha

When i started the weight loss journey it was difficult but once i started seeing results that were very much noticeable it gave me a sense of relief that it was working and it has become much more easier

N my point of view i wld say u had helped me @ every step like what to added for meal or snack or dinner… v had no idea how to balance a meal n also the way u pushed him wid every single thing say it to steps or workout even the snacks also

Kanishk Age
15yrs n weight was 126kg n now he is 113kg

- Kanishk

Just wanted to share with you that i am at my skinniest and fittest self in so many years. I feel so good about myself. All thanks to you and Simran for designing such amazing plans for people like us. Truly thankful to you and the entire team.

I was recently cleaning my closet and the dresses from years ago when i had no kids are loose on me now. I couldn’t believe myself.
I eat everything. More than i used to eat before and still on my fittest self ever.
I still need to work so much. But i am so happy with my progress.
And i took these pics today and i am due my period today so i know i have some bloating too.

- Tarangini

Feedback for the program:
First of all thank you simrun and Nikita for your support.It was my correct timing to join this program and it has benefited me in many ways
I have enjoyed daily tracking of sleep,water and food plates.Also my acne patches have been reduced to 95 percent.
I m sorry i couldn't make up to regular workouts but i tired with my capacity to do it and it made me realize that doing exercise is so important for my body and my mood and also to clear my brain fog,hence i have joined gym so that I can continue exercise and my body will thank me later definitely.
Oh yes I'm missing those clicking pictures and sending it to nikita as the program has ended,but no worries I have learnt so many things from the program.
Sending my warm regards to simrun and nikita❤️

- Pooja

It wouldn’t have been possible without this amazing team… thank you so much Nikita and everyone 😊
Lost 9kg in 4 months

- Ojasvi

Hey Nabila

I would like to start by saying "Thanks a ton" for this amazing and such an invaluable journey.
I did join this program without thinking about any specifics in my mind. It was like "Ok lets give this a try and see how it goes' '. As you know, even though I did want to lose some of my weight, weight loss was never my main goal of joining this program . It was mainly for me to be consistent with exercise, to increase my physical stamina and to lose the fat.
Today is my last day of the Program and I have not only made major progress in the three of my goals but also I have lost a lot of fat (and of course weight.. It's always a joyous feeling to see a smaller number on the scale ;)). The program has taught me the concepts which I can follow for a lifetime without any hassle.
Once again thanks from the bottom of my heart to Nabila, Simrun and the entire team. You guys are doing an amazing job.

- Nidhi

My journey has been incredible. I never felt i was on a diet. I was allowed me to eat all the day the only difference being in right quantities, right time n right never felt any sort of botheration on following it. It was just like any other day of my life n in this way it became 3 months n today is the last week of my program. I hv learnt so much about eating right, eating mindfully n eating out but still making it right by following Simrun's easy rules. Now i can travel anywhere in the world n still follow the diet plan. N stay healthy, happy, confident & look lean n all this together is too much to ask for..but Nourish made it possible for me N i will forever be grateful for this amazing experience which i can cherish n follow for my entire lifetime.
Just see the difference..this was me in Jan 2020 n this is me yesterday clicked completion of ur program
Thank u soooooooo much Simrun Madam..u have given me my younger self in my late 30's. Not only im I loosing weight but also looking so much fresh n radiant ..i hv got so many compliments yesterday ..i hv started loving myself new confidence n don't feel like im aging now..much much active than before..much much happier than earlier
Thank u once again for making this beautiful program called 'Nourish'

- Devika

I have a testimony to share..

I had given a blouse for stiching 1 1/2 weeks ago.
Yesterday I went to collect it the blouse was loose and I got a bit irritated because nothing was fitting right .

I asked them to fix it for me then and there so they took my measurements again.

The tailor asked me whether I'm doing any diet or something.
It still dint occur to me 😄
I'm like no diet what are you talking about .
Then he is like it's not our fault the blouse is loose , there a 1.5 inch difference from the previous measurements and that's why I asked ..

THATS when I realised...!
I couldn't stop grinning like a clown in that tailoring shop 🤣

In the past i have cried in the dressing room because i couldnt find even one dress that fits me perfectly.
This shift is massive !
The way it has boosted my mental health over everything is priceless!

It might be a small incident but I just can't stop smiling thinking about it .🥰

Thankyou Kavya for being my guide through this journey!! I owe it all to you and God almighty who guided me to choose this program!!!

- Jency

I am so pleased with the results I have seen from the #Nourish With Sim weight loss program. The program was easy to follow and provided clear guidance on how to make healthy food choices and incorporate exercise into my daily routine. The support I received from Ms. Swati Paul was also invaluable, she was always available to answer any questions I had. She has been a great support, keeping me informed and providing guidance and encouragement throughout the process. I have been participating in the program for 11 weeks and have already lost 9kg. I would highly recommend this program to anyone looking to lose weight and improve their overall health. Thank you so much for all your help and support! 🙏🏻🙏🏻😇😊

- Rajesh

The last 3-4 months have been the best for me. I thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it. Thank you for educating me about food and how to eat well. There were so many barriers for me in this period but you guided me so beautifully through it all. So grateful to have you as my nutritionist Cauvya 💜 Thank you for being so wonderful! I lost a lot of weight (6kgs totally 🥹), I don’t have water retention anymore, I have no pain in the soles of my feet and I feel lighter and energetic. What I have learnt in the last few months I’ll carry it for the rest of my life. You guys have an amazing program which is transforming people for the better!

I would love to do another program with you all in the future. I’m travelling to India this month and will be back to US in Jan. I plan to enroll my younger one in a daycare by March so I’m thinking of doing another program around that time.

Again, can’t thank you enough for helping me achieve my goals. It gave me another lease of life! I needed this 💜

- Dhanashree

I was someone from the “tried it all but nothing really worked” category until I joined Simrun’s Nourish program. I always thought I had a decent diet cause I don’t like junk much. But it was only after joining the nourish program I understood how nutrients really work in our body and that indeed was a game changer.

This program really helped me understand that every body is different when it comes to selecting food and there’s no “one for all” diet. I hopped on this journey with my dietician Nikita and she has been extremely patient with my picky ass. I wouldn’t say I made a dramatic weight loss but I have to be honest that I wasn’t 100% dedicated to the program as well and still managed to lose 7 kgs in 2 months cause one month I was completely off the program due to some personal reasons. And even at that time Nikita helped me get through it the best way possible with her tips and suggestions and I have to be honest I barely worked out during this program and never finished 10k steps even a single day.

My point is even without following all of it strictly just by making a few changes in my diet I did lose weight. So imagine how much more I could done if I would have followed it properly.

I mean the benefits of learning how to eat right can make some real changes in you. I learned how portion control can help you in a big way and now that I’m so used to it I can’t even over eat even if I want to. And oh the most important thing I don’t crave for sweets much nowadays and that was one thing I could never say NO to. I still don’t say no to it but I don’t feel the urge to eat something sweet all the time like I used to. I eat it only if I’m out with friends and they are getting it(peer pressure) or someone gives me something and not because I’m craving for it. I think that alone says a lot about this program.

Now that the program is over, I want to try it on my own for a month and see if I can do it by myself and continue losing weight. And it’s been 2 weeks since the program ended and I haven’t gained anything back yet even though I indulged a bit here and there. I have to say food alone can make a huge difference if you know how to incorporate everything you wanna eat in the right way.

Special thanks to Nikita for putting up with my nakhras and kudos to Simrun and team for building up a program like this and help people understand the impact of eating right!

- Shruthi

Following Simrun on Instagram and taking her nourish and nourish plans have given me beautiful opportunities to focus on my health and make lifestyle changes
I got great friendly dedicated nutritionists every time
Swati Shweta Kavya and Nikita
My weight loss journey has seen lots of ups and downs
Struggles moments of despair
Giving up but the constant support from my nutritionists Kavya and Nikita has always helped me bounce back
I got to realize weight loss isn't just about the scale victory
But it's much more than that
Is how good I feel mentally emotionally physically
The confidence level that's increased because I myself have started feeling good
Loving my body
This journey is a beautiful experience I learnt about lifestyle changes and being healthy

Thanks to the awesome team of Simrun

- Neeti

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