1. I have PCOS / THYROID will it still work for me ?  
Yes this plan has guidelines for Pcos and Thyroid so don't worry. Instead of me explaining, scroll to the bottom and see what girls on the program have to say. 

2. I'm 45+ which program should I go for ?  
Nourish would be the better option. As we age we have different nutritional requirements. 

3. I'm a lactating mom, will this effect my milk supply ?  
I have includes dos and don'ts for lactating moms, however if you opt for Nourish we can also work on other aspects of post pregnancy lactation. 

4. I'm not overweight, just need to lose a few kgs and get toned ?  
Reboot is perfect then, it focusses on fat loss. When you drop fat percentage and do program workouts, you will get the lean look ( commonly called "toned). 

5. I live in a joint family / hostel I can't cook special food.  
You don't need to. That's the beauty of the program. 

6. I have injuries so I can't work out 
Ideally you should opt for NOURISH. Incase you can't then you can do the Reboot diet with walking ( specific targets will be mentioned by us) 

7. I have multiple medical issues, will this work ?  
Here I would recommend NOURISH, as the consultation will help us access what you truly need. 

8. Who is it for ?  
Anyone under 45yrs of age who wants to lose weight and get fit.  


9. I have a trainer / workouts i follow
That's awesome, but are you getting the results you deserve for your effort ? 
Does your plan focus on losing the weight and keeping it off ? 

10. How much weight will I lose ? 
think of it like an exam, if you study well you do well. If you don't study, you don't. It is the same with everything in life. It also depends on your starting weight, however most people lose between 6 and 14 kgs. 

So you've been running on the treadmill for an hour each day and still don't see any dramatic changes... Well, that's probably because you're exercising but not exercising RIGHT. My program uses circuits for maximum power and fat burning. Exercises also range from bodyweight resistance, to plyometrics, to even cardio and unilateral exercises. All with one goal in mind: to get you to become the best version of yourself!