Finding hidden gluten in outside food and processed food

Navigating Gluten in Processed Foods: What to Watch Out For

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For individuals with gluten sensitivities or celiac disease, steering clear of wheat, barley, and rye is essential. But beyond obvious culprits like bread and pasta, gluten lurks in various processed foods, often as a thickener, binder, or flavor enhancer. Here's what to be wary of when perusing labels:

1. Beer, Ale, Porter, Stout: These beverages usually contain barley, a gluten-rich grain.

2. Breads: Wheat is a staple ingredient in bread-making, so most bread varieties contain gluten.

3. Bulgur Wheat: Commonly used in salads and pilafs, bulgur wheat is a no-go for gluten-sensitive individuals.

4. Cakes and Pies: Gluten-rich flours are commonly used to bake cakes and pies.

5. Candies: Some candies may contain gluten-based ingredients, especially in their fillings or coatings.

6. Cereals: Many breakfast cereals contain wheat, barley, or malt flavoring, so check labels carefully.

7. Communion Wafers: Traditional communion wafers often contain wheat flour.

8. Cookies and Crackers: These crunchy snacks often contain wheat flour as a primary ingredient.

9. Croutons: Made from bread, croutons are off-limits for gluten-sensitive individuals.

10. French Fries: Some pre-packaged fries may be coated in flour before frying.

11. Gravies: Thickened with flour, gravies are a common source of gluten.

12. Imitation Meat or Seafood: These products may contain gluten as a binder.

13. Matzo: A traditional Jewish unleavened bread made from wheat flour.

14. Pastas: Traditional pasta is made from wheat flour, but gluten-free alternatives are available.

15. Hot Dogs and Processed Lunchmeats: These may contain fillers or binders with gluten.

16. Salad Dressings: Some dressings contain wheat-based thickeners or soy sauce, which often contains wheat.

17. Sauces, including Soy Sauce: Wheat-based soy sauce is a common ingredient in many sauces.

18. Seasoned Rice Mixes: Flavorings in rice mixes may contain gluten.

19. Seasoned Snack Foods: Potato and tortilla chips may contain gluten-containing flavorings.

20. Self-Basting Poultry: Some poultry products are injected with gluten-containing solutions for flavor and moisture.

21. Soups, Bouillon, or Soup Mixes: These may contain wheat-based thickeners.

22. Vegetables in Sauce: Pre-packaged vegetables with sauce may contain gluten-based thickeners.

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When shopping for processed foods, always scrutinize labels for hidden sources of gluten. Look for products labeled gluten-free or made with alternative grains like corn, rice, or soy. By staying vigilant and informed, you can navigate the grocery aisles with confidence, ensuring a gluten-free diet that promotes your well-being.

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