Metabolic Syndrome Workout

This exercise was taken from : 


"Efficacy of morning versus afternoon aerobic exercise training on reducing metabolic syndrome components: A randomized controlled trial"

Individuals you performed this 3 times a week for 16 weeks saw an improvement in metabolic syndrome markers 

1. Individuals were asked to eat a meal atleast 1 hour before exercise 

2. All individuals saw benefit however higher improvement was seen in people who did the exercise in the morning ( 8am - 9am ). These saw a greater improvement in blood pressure and insulin resistance markers. 


The exercise that was followed 

  • Use a stationary Bike 
  • Warm up : 10 mins at 70% of Maximum Heart Rate (HRmax) 
  • Main High Intensity Interval Training 
    • 4 minutes of cycling at 90% of HRmax
    • 3 minutes of cycling at 70% of HRmax
    • 4 rounds 
  • Cool Down : 5 minutes of cycling 

While this shows great improvement 

Changes in overall lifestyle, dietary habits along with exercise show the greatest amount of results. 

Specific researched protocols making easier of you to get better results but doing what has been proved to be most effective. 


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