We need to have the following equipment.

This will suffice through the program. 

You can borrow these or if you have access to a home, apartment or regular gym, use theirs. 

They are also available at a nominal amount online. 


As you finish Reboot the 2 kgs dumbbells might be too light 
1. check if you can do a bicep curl with the 5kg. If it is way too heavy you might need a 4kg pair. 

2. Where ever you were using the 5kg set you might now need a 7.5 kg pair. 

3. Upgrading these are optional but one 5kg pair and one 10 kg pair is important. 


If you decide to upgrade 
A pair of 3 - 4 kgs dumbbells 
A pair of 5 - 7.5 kgs dumbbells 
A pair of 10 kg dumbbells 

Exercise Ball 55cm or 65 cm

I prefer a 65 cm personally

Mini Bands 
You will need a medium and heavy resistance band. 
A set like this will have all. 

We will need these once the main program starts on 23rd November
The exercise ball and mini bands will appear in about a month to ensure you have enough time to get them.