I was born and brought up in Calcutta, which has a strong Chinese community. This is a Chinese household recipe in Calcutta, made regularly and called "chug"

Serve with chilli sauce and a side dish. 


250 gms Rice 
Mushrooms half pkt what you get in the market 
Capsicum one diced
Carrots 2 diced
One cup peas
One cup chicken cut into small pcs
One whole pod of garlic chopped
Stock 3 times the rice (should be wet)
Salt to taste

(You can double the amount of vegetables if this is the only vegetables in your meal)


  • Add the oil to a cooker 
  • Once the oil is warm add in the finely chopped garlic and saute / cook till it changes colour a bit
  • Add in the chicken ( protein of choice ) and stir for a minute
  • Add in the vegetables one by one, cooking each for atleast 30 secs before adding the next 
  • Start by adding the carrots then the peas 
  • Then add in the mushrooms followed by the capsicum 
  • Add in the stock 
  • Wash and drain the rice and add into the cooker and stir for a few minutes 
  • Taste the water as it should be slightly salty, like the sea 
  • Cooker on high for one whistle till done


  • Paneer / Tofu - if you are using any of these then they should be added after opening the cooker and not cooked like the other protein
  • Had best with a dry side like a chilli chicken or chilli paneer. Check my recipes 
  • This is a sticky consistency like a very thick khichdi
  • For quick small chopping I use a chopper. 

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