• 2 weeks pre-training : dumbbells not needed 
  • 12 weeks main program : dumbbells needed

So make sure you order them now. If you already have some or can borrow that's great too. 

We will require a set of varying weights
2kg pair of dumbbells 
5kg pair dumbbells and
10kg pair of dumbbells or one 10 kg kettle bell

(for example : 2 kg pair means 2 dumbbells where each of them weigh 2 kgs.) 

If you have been working out before then opt for 2.5 kgs or 3kg and a 5 kg. As a beginner you can start with the 2kg and 5 kg pairs. 


2kg pair means : 2 dumbbells where each dumbbell weighs 2 kgs. 

You can borrow these or if you have access to a home, apartment or regular gym, use theirs.They are also available at a nominal amount online.
Here's a link to a very basic one


(we will not require any weights during the 2 weeks of pre training)



Ideally dumbbells are the safest way to create progression. If you can only buy one then a 2.5 kg or 3 kg pair will be your best option. 

Incase you cannot get these, here are a few alternatives 

  1. Get a few 1 lt mineral water bottles. The Bottles should all be the same size and shape, hence mineral water bottles work well. 

  2. Fill with water to get the lowest weight of 1 kg

  3. Fill 2 bottles with rice to get a slightly higher weight 

  4. Fill 2 bottles with sand or pebbles