The thought of working out during your periods might feel odd and uncomfortable. 

Following a regular exercise routine is beneficial for your body and mind. 

There’s no scientific reason you should skip out on your workouts during your period. In fact, there’s evidence that exercise can be helpful during this time.

The physical and mental benefits of exercise don't stop during your periods, in fact sticking to a routine can help reduce some of the common complaints that accompany periods. 

1. Decrease PMS Symptoms : Regular exercise may lessen common symptoms like fatigue and mood swings leading up to your cycle. 

2.Endorphins as a natural painkiller : Exercise releases endorphins instantly elevating your mood to make you feel better. This is of the main benefits of exercise and the subsequent endorphin high as endorphins are natural pain killers. When released during exercise they may provide relief from uncomfortable periods. 

3. Enhance Mood : Working out during this time will help elevate your mood and increase circulation. This also tends to alleviate cramps, headaches or back pain that is commonly associated with periods. 



If you are still skeptical, no worries, this is a lifestyle program and adaptation is key. 

You can try the following modifications : 

Day 1 : Make this your rest day 
Day 2:  Walking as Cardio ( 3km in 30 mins or more) 
Day 3 : Walking as Cardio again 
Day 4 : Walking as Cardio again 
Day 5 : Workout 1 for the week 
Day 6 : Workout 2 for the week 
Day 7 : Workout 3 for the week 

Please include 10,000 steps each day along with the food portions mentioned.