Chinese Red Chilli Sauce

Chinese Red Chilli Sauce | Simrun Chopra

A chilli sauce can make or break your Chinese recipe. I don't like to use the store bought ones especially when it is so simple to make at home. This is part of a series of essential recipes that help build other recipes. This particular chilli sauce is a quick version of my mom's secret sauce. Her's is a fermented recipe that like a pickle takes days to make. This one you can have ready in 10 mins. 

This is the chilli sauce you can use in all my Chinese recipes or any Chinese recipe. You can also use it as a side or use it as base for other more elaborate sauces that make you sound like a pro chef. 

A home made version is not only cheaper but doesn't have any preservatives, acidity regulators and additional chemicals. Also it is naturally lower in sodium. 

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I love using this to make more sauces. A simple one would be to add some roasted garlic, soy sauce and a little honey ( any sweetener) with a tsp of the sauce to get a thinner dipping sauce. 

Base recipes like this can be used for many things. I use it as a base in all my Chinese recipes. 

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