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Chocolate Popcorn | Simrun Chopra

I love a crunchy snack. Sometimes I crave something sweet, sometimes salty and spicy, really depends on my mood. Usually when i don't care for my dinner, i feel mentally unsatisfied. I know I'm not hungry but i just feel like something sweet. Most things we eat as post dinner sweet cravings are so calorie dense. Even 2 pieces of chocolate can reach a 100 calories. 2 pieces isn't even satisfying. 

This recipe was born from necessity. I wanted something crunchy, chocolaty but low calorie for the amount i wanted to snack on. This turned out to be a big hit with friends, family and especially my little t-rex's friends !!! 

It's simple to make and quick, like all my recipes. 

I would recommend using corn kernels and not microwaveable popcorn. You can use a cooker or any pot that you can cover to make the corn pop. If you have one of the little popcorn maker machines then that's great too.  Just remember there are many ways to do this. 

SIMple Tip : think of some add-ins. Roasted chopped almonds and orange rinds work so well. Something sweet yet tangy tastes awesome. Even a little chilli powder to make chilli chocolate popcorn. 

Note : you can use regular chocolate as well but it wont go back to hard consistency as quickly as cooking chocolate. As a cheat you can put the pop corn in the freezer for 1 to 2 mins and the chocolate will harden. 


Here is a quick video as well 



  • Dr.Khushboo Khandelwal

    Awesome recipie 👌👌

  • Deepa

    Loved it… Will surely make it for my little one… Movie time healthy snack

  • Shilpa

    Can v use normal chocolates available in the market like cadbury, silk n all.. or has to use compound ..?🤔

  • Nandani

    Can you specify the chocolate brand ?

  • Suvetha

    Thank you for this wonderful recipe.It is better alternative and best is home made.

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