if you want a refreshing and gut friendly snack this one is perfect... and this is both healthy and so creamy and yummy. Have it on its own or as a filling. 

Store bought dips and sauces sound so good but they are invariably loaded with oils, sugar and sodium making them very calorie dense. 

Growing up we made burgers at home and my mom's rich creamy coleslaw was the star ingredient. I have made some changes to reduce the amount of calories. To make this richer or for a party just added some grated cheese. 

This is the perfect replacement for mayo in a sandwich or burger. I love having this as a snack as well. 

Here's what it looks like in my egg avocado and coleslaw sandwich





  • Santosh

    Yr recipes are contemporary, interesting to cook and eat healthy as well 😋..Thnku Simran for sharing..

  • Lakshani yet yummy and mouth watering. i will definitely going to try…

  • Maria Sankar

    Thank you for your efforts in giving us new and innovative way to eat right.

  • Ruchi

    I’ve made this and it’s delicious. Kids love it too. Perfect condiment

  • Kalpana

    Wow! Its a great substitute for mayo! Yummy n healthy. I wll definitely try it out while mking burgers!👌👍

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