Palak Loaded Omlette

Palak Loaded Omlette | Simrun Chopra
An omlette can be filling and nutritious. It is a great way to add lots of vegetables. 

1 whole egg
3 whites
1 tightly packed cup of palak
Half onion chopped
2 green chillies ( optional)

Whisk eggs nicely till fluffy
Wash palak nicely
Squeeze out the water with your hands
Roughly chop or tear
Add to palak, onion, chillies and seasoning to the beat egg

Put a few drops of oil on the pan.
Once heated slightly spread with a spatula
Add the egg mixture and cook

Tips : add chopped garlic is you have the time to chop

Add 1 tbsp of milk for a fluffier creamier egg

Remember greens are rich in vitamin k. It's a fat soluble vitamin
Hence greens should be a companies by a far source

Here it is the egg yolk and tiny amount of oil

In a salad it could even be paneer / vinaigrette / whole egg / avocado / some nuts / hung curd

Oil is not the only source of dietary fat

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