This is a simple, quick and nutritious recipe. I like to make it ahead and use for multiple meals as it is very versatile. 
I have this with a toast for breakfast, as part of lunch. it works beautifully as a sandwich filling as well as a roll filling. 
Making a little extra and stretching it across meals saves me a lot of time. 

4 carrots
3 capsicum
3 tomatoes
2 big onions
2-3" ginger
4-5 slitted green chillies (can put 1-2 for flavor)
Half tsp whole jeera
400-500 gms of paneer
Salt n red chillies to taste

1. Cut everything into thin strips 
2. Add oil to a kadhai or pan 
3. Add the jeera while the oil is warm and let it cook till fragrant
4. Add the onions and cook for a minute 
5. Add the sliced ginger and cook for a minute 
6. Now add in the slit green chillies 
7. Now add in the carrot and cook for 2 to 3 minutes 
8. Add in the green capsicum and stir for a minute
9. Add the sliced tomatoes now and mix gently. You don't want a mish mash here !
10. Add salt to taste and red chilli powder and mix
11. Cook for 5 mins and then add in the sliced paneer 
12. Mix gently ensuring not to break the paneer
13. Serve Hot 


Notes : 
The vegetables should be slightly crunchy 
You can use home made paneer too 



  • Vinti

    I make the same recipe but everything cut in cubes usually (though will try this now as looks really good) & add a bit of ketchup to it in the end…it adds a lot of flavour for sandwich and roll filling

  • Manita

    Hi simrun I tried this receipe of yours and used it as a filling for the roti roll it was really so yummy that my kids too wanted to have it…

  • PRiyanka

    I like the way u cut the vegetables..plz share if u use any cutter

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