Pumpkin Karela Sabzi

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All my posts and meal plans stress the importance of vegetables. Ideally we should be eating as many different vegetables as we can. If you think it is additional work then do what I do and put the vegetables in your rice, dals or curries. 

This is one of my favourites recipes that will give you a chance to eat Bitter Gourd or Karela, which I know most people avoid. 

This recipe was handed down from my nani to my mom and then me. It uses an unusual combination of blending a sweet vegetable with a bitter one. It's quick, it's nutritious and I love it. 

Like all my recipes this one is quick and I mean super quick. Even if you are a beginner, you can try this. 

Our traditional foods and recipes are healthy and wholesome and we are blessed with a rich cultures with unlimited recipes. You don't need special recipes or fat loss recipes to be healthy. Enjoy trying new things, try this one and tag on Instagram @simrun.chopra or use #nourishwithsim


300 gms Pumpkin chop small with skin 
1 medium kerela
1/4 tsp haldi 
1/4 tsp mirchi powder 
2 whole green chillies slit lengthwise 
1 tsp black jeera (onion seeds / kalonji) 
2 tsp mustard oil 



1. Cut and wash the pumpkin
2. Scrape off some of the skin of the karela with a knife. Then cut it through the middle and make slices. 
3. Add the oil to a pan and heat till it releases its smell, let it cool a bit 
4. Add the black jeera and green chillies to the oil, once it starts to splutter add the pumpkin and karela 
5. Add the remaining ingredients, cover and cook till the pumpkin is cooked through

Chop it small with the skin on



1. Pumpkin skin : keeping it on is optional. if you prefer to eat it without the skin then you can cut slightly larger chunks too
2. Karela seeds : adding this is optional 
3. Karela skin : scraping off some of it helps reduce the bitterness. Don't get too excited and scrape off all though !!!



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