Quinoa Chia Pudding

Quinoa Chia Pudding

Ingredients for Quinoa and Chia Seed Breakfast Bowl:

Ingredients for 1 Serving:

 30g quinoa
 10g chia seeds
 100ml milk
 2 tsp honey
 1 tsp oil
 2 cups water
 1 kiwi fruit

Nutritional Information (Approximate):

 Calories: 320-340 kcal
 Protein: 7-8 grams
 Carbohydrates: 50-55 grams
 Fat: 9-10 grams
 Fiber: 10-12 grams


1. Measure and wash quinoa in water, then drain away the water using a sieve.

2. Heat oil in a pan and add quinoa. Toast for a minute, then add water and start cooking.

3. Simmer the flame and cook for 15 minutes. You will see small tails coming out from quinoa; it should have absorbed all the water. Then switch off the flame and fluff it up.

4. In a cup, take milk and add chia seeds. Soak it for 15 minutes.

5. Mix the soaked chia seeds into the cooked quinoa. Add honey, finely diced kiwi, and chill it.

6. Serve it with kiwi or other fruit toppings.


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