Fudgy Chocolate Oats

Fudgy Chocolate Oats | Simrun Chopra

Quick, easy and yummy is my mantra. 

Breakfast is something I like to be quick, like really quick. This recipe should take you approximately 5 mins and it so so chocolaty that you'll you think are eating dessert. 

You can use quick oats like quaker that cooks really quickly. If you want to use rolled oats the cooking time and water needs to be adjusted. For steel cut oats, i recommend you soak it overnight before cooking.  I sometimes use cooked millets for my son. 

I personally find the sweetness from the banana sufficient, if you want it sweeter just add in some jaggery or top with a little honey. Ideally for any addition you make to the recipe, you should account for those additional calories. 



  • Ramnik Chandi

    Hey Simrun. I do not like almond milk. Normal dairy milk in limited quantity would be ok?

  • Meena

    I have pcos even i can eat this

  • Soniya Khatri

    Your recipes r soo delicious & yumm👌

  • Palak

    Two bananas u used … like one is mashed and the other on the toppings… ??

  • Monika

    hey,is cooking/boiling banana fine?

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