You must have read my posts on "taking responsibility" 

How do I do this ? 

Long time ago i realised i spent a lot of time placing and resisting change. I kept telling myself i hated the way i was but it was because i had a baby, i had no time, no one was helping me. This just made me feel worse and I never made any progress. 

I'm a working mother. I cook, homeschool, work long hours, workout, eat right, create content, manage the programs, reply to people and so much more. I am continuously studying to improve my knowledge. The one thing I stop doing was, complaining. That changed my life. 

This all shifted when I "took responsibility" 

  • My self-talk
  • How I respected, cared for, and loved her body
  • What I ate
  • How I slept
  • What I did to de-stress
  • How much I exercised
  • What I did to support my efforts, such reaching out to clarify doubts or get help in finding solutions

if you truly want to succeed at this or anything for that matter, start with the spheres of control. Every time you are stuck, come back here to this and ask yourself. What is in my control, what can I do today that will take me a little closer to my goal. 

I like to do this before i start anything and every time I come to a hurdle. Optional but i recommend doing this. 

Spend 5 minutes today, add items to these spheres from your life. 


Still can't figure it out ? I like to use this analogy of a Ship. 
Imagine you are sailing a ship to the shore. 
The rocks you can see are all the hurdles you know off. But you can't change these (no control) but because you know they are there you can go around them. 

The sea, waves and how bad the current is, you have some control because you can anticipate when the sea will be calm or rough and navigate accordingly. ( anticipating challenges and the environment). 

Where you take the ship and how you navigate it, that you have complete control off. 
Print this out. Write down how you're going to get there. Plan and prepare for the hurdles you anticipate.