My favourite hair care products

My favourite hair care products 

Ok let’s be honest upfront, I am not a dermatologist or a trichologist. 
I am an expert on helping with hairfall or hair issues via food and movement. 
I can find what might be causing it and work on that fix but today’s email request was for my personal top 5 products 
So here goes 


I have tried many many many shampoos in my time and here are some of the top ones 
Balmain was nice but very expensive 
Kerastase - some were nice rest made my hair fall 
Loreal absolute repair is something I like earlier and so was dove 
To be honest I have not tried all the products available today as it is not possible to do so 
But here are the 2 shampoos I have been using over the past few years.

I am in no way affiliated to this company. I tried these and loved them and have used them since. Infact I use their hair mousse too which is a great light weight mouse. I add it before styling my hair. It helps reduce the time needed to style my hair and in turn the amount of heat applied. 

These are my 2 favourite shampoos at the moment.
Please note : these suit me, it doesn’t mean it will suit you. 

The Giovanni organic Tea Tree shampoo : INR 695 

Here a screenshot to show you that I actually use this :) a lot !!! 
It has a light fresh smell and a lovely cooling feeling. Leaves my hair feeling great 

Giovanni Organic 2 chic keratin shampoo 
This ones leaves a smoother frizz free feel :

Click here for the link



Again I have tried many and the basic ones do nothing but create a layer on top and make the hair heavier. 
I wanted something to repair the hair, shield it from heat damage ( because I use a hair dryer) and to help with split ends and moisture. 
I have quite dry hair due to extended damage from swimming for years. 
The top ones I have liked till now are
Moroccan oil 
Balmain has a nice one too 
But the only one I have bought multiple times is the Olaplex no.7
Now this is a super super small bottle 
Lots of fakes in the market 
And its probably one of the most expensive products I have but it last long.
I use mine nearly daily and it lasts over 4 months for my hair length. 
I apply this

  • On wet hair before blow drying as a heat protectant 
  • Overnight along the lengths of my hair to prevent it drying out and to prevent split ends 

Again because it works for me there is no guarantee it will work for you. 
Here is a link to a post on this 
And link to the the site I bought it from
You can buy it now or wait for a week or so till I reach out and see if I can ask for s discount. No guarantee they will give it but no harm trying, I will update it in my stories, But it won’t be more than 10 or 15% I’m sure


My hair brush that reduces breakage 

I use brushes from the company called “Wet Brush”
it reduces breakage considerably and is gentle on the hair 
They have many different kinds and you should pick based on your hair and usage.
To be honest I have all over the years and my husband and son use the same too.
On amazon its usually about INR450 but prices fluctuate so add to cart and don’t buy till it reaches under INR500 
Here’s the link and screenshot that I actually use this :) 

I use the pink vented one the most while blow drying but look through which is best for you : Check the link here 

Link to post on this 

The thin Indian towel 

So if you just buy one thing. Get this.
It’s the thin Indian cotton towel. These are locally available and usually cost like INR100 or so
I only only use these. 
I wring all the excess water out of my hair then press the hair with the Indian thin towel. Here is a video on this 
For my hair by this time the thin towel is drenched so I wrap my hair in another dry Indian towel and leave it for a bit to naturally dry or till I dry it with a dryer. I do not use the thick soft fluffy towels for my hair ever.

I don’t have a link for this because it is locally available in India. If you live abroad you can try a thin cotton tshirt 

Food for my hair 

Let me be very open here. The quality of hair is also based on what we eat, our hormones and our nutrient levels. 
So if you have a hormonal imbalance, it will fall more but we can find a way to make it as low as possible 

I have nearly 20 posts on this from foods-to-eat to hairstyle for less breakage and more

My hair care detailed posts guide 

Ideally check your vitamin D, B12, iron to start with
PCOS and thyroid are other major issues 
For me I take my vitamin D once a month
I do periodically take vitamin B and some multi vitamins
and make sure I take omega 3 
This is just the tip of the iceberg and if you are on a program please reach out to your nutritionist 

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