Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate | Simrun Chopra

This SIMple hot chocolate tastes like hot melted chocolate in a cup.Try this low calorie version every time you crave chocolate and you'll thank me.

I prefer to use unsweetened cocoa powder as this helps control the amount of sugar you want to add. 

You can use any sweetener of your choice. If you just keep boiling this down slowly you get a chocolate sauce. It's that simple. 

If you want to make the sauce more indulgent, just add a tiny bit of butter at the end. 




    This is really easy and quick than what I thought.


    Thank you so much for your lovely recipes

  • Mohini Goyal

    Thnkew so much simrun mam for this recipe…I love chocolates vry much…will try this very soon

  • Chandni

    Thank you…Much needed

  • Delma

    Thank you ma’am for this recipe . This one is way quick than ever. Will definitely try this .

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